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ESSEC Alumni USA and the ESSEC Foundation support
the development of the ESSEC Business School and in particular:

Funding scholarships targeted to American students, opening ESSEC’s programs to US graduates

Raise funds the campus 2020

 Foster entrepreneurship by supporting financially the School and students initiatives

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Center for Creative Learning

Connected to the world and to businesses


On the grounds of the gymnasium. The current building will be demolished.


Two floors of multipurpose, modular learning spaces with the
infrastructure needed for virtual, multi-campus classes, accessible
around the clock. Project rooms located within immediate proximity
to classrooms will encourage learning by doing in conjunction
with companies.


To look ahead into the digital era, into a global way of learning and
business like “Factory Lab” for projects involving businesses,
students and researchers.



Green Research Tower

for Fostering State-of the-Art, Experimental Research at ESSEC


The current building, facing the forecourt by the entrance, will be entirely renovated and transformed into an eco-responsible and eco-sufficient “Green Research Tower”.


Modular spaces for international research seminars, doctoral defense rooms and new working spaces for teaching and research faculty as well as doctoral candidates.


To do our best to infuse our teaching with academic excellence (departments built like labs where research and teaching can feed off of each other, for example) in a more and more competitive global context.



Sports and Recreation Center

Overlooking François Mitterrand Park


Located next to the Galion building, along François Mitterrand Park


A two-floor multi-sport athletic center measuring up to ESSEC’s international reputation that can also be used as an exam room, a theater or a show-room.

The Sports and Recreation Center

will be open to the public and to other institutions of higher
education in Cergy.


To make athletics a core part of the campus experience, to foster healthy minds in healthy bodies.



How to make a tax-deductible gift?

ESSEC 2e cycle Methode de Recherche, Cecile Bouchra

To deduct your gift from US tax:

By making your gift to ESSEC Alumni USA, you can benefit from tax deductions as stipulated in Article 501(c) paragraph 3 of the IRC (local authorities income tax).

ESSEC Alumni USA collects tax –deductible donations made by US residents in the US and transfers 100% of the funds received to the ESSEC Foundation in France.

To deduct your gift from French tax, you can find all useful information here.

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