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Why making a gift?

ESSEC Alumni USA and the ESSEC Foundation support the development of the ESSEC Business School and in particular:
– Funding scholarships targeted to American students, opening ESSEC’s programs to US graduates
– Raise funds the campus 2020 project
– Foster entrepreneurship by supporting financially the School and students initiatives.

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How to make a tax-deductible gift?

To deduct your gift from US tax:
By making your gift to ESSEC Alumni USA, you can benefit from tax deductions as stipulated in Article 501(c) paragraph 3 of the IRC (local authorities income tax).
ESSEC Alumni USA collects tax –deductible donations made by US residents in the US and transfers 100% of the funds received to the ESSEC Foundation in France.
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ESSEC Business School Alumni Association Inc
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To transfer your gift, contact François-Olivier Luiggi, President ESSEC Alumni USA at +1 (646) 704-7996 (Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time)

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ESSEC Business School Alumni Association Inc
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