ESSEC USA Newsletter – February 2013

Dear member of ESSEC USA,
It is now time to renew your membership for 2013, and consider donating to the campaign. Gifts and your annual membership to ESSEC USA are tax deductible under Sections 170 and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
By renewing with us, you are automatically enrolled in ESSEC Alumni in Paris, you will receive Reflet magazine, and have access to their website and services.
Your contribution to ESSEC USA will provide general support to ESSEC, help recruit and retain top North American students and faculty, enhance the quality of campus life, expand internship and mentoring programs, and improve and upgrade the school facilities. You can also request that ESSEC USA use your contribution to support ESSEC’s Scholarships and Financial Aid Programs
We encourage you to contribute at the Leadership level. For all Alumni who contribute $2,500 and up, ESSEC recognizes the special value of your gift through Presidential Giving Clubs. Members are invited to an annual recognition reception with the Dean and President and other special events. We include in this level, all donations made since the first campaign started.
With gratitude,
President of ESSEC USA