Membership Renewal 2012

Dear Fellow Alumni:
Thank you to all of you who have renewed their membership for 2012. Remember that you have until the end of February if you want to be included in this year’s alumni directory.
When you renew with ESSEC USA, your contribution is tax deductible, within the limits of the law, and gives you all the privileges and access to the database, job postings and the Reflet Magazine.
Your membership also includes access to all the programs’ separate alumni groups, i.e. IMHI, etc.
Click on the link below to pay online using Paypal or Credit Cards (Paypal fees included):
– Regular Member $199
– Supp. Spouse ESSEC Group $76
– Retired Member $124
– Young Alumni (08-09 classes) $124
– Young Alumni (10-11 classes) $83
– Supp. Spouse ESSEC Group (08-11) $44
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Sylvia at [email protected]
2012 ESSEC USA Scholarships:
Your contribution to ESSEC USA also goes towards our scholarship fund, named after one of our Alum, The International Leadership Award Philippe Mathe Fellowship. This year two exceptional American students who chose ESSEC for their MBA are the recipients of our Scholarship:
– Ms. Aida Oualalou
– Mr. Robert Romano
ESSEC Business Angels:
This year, I would like to start a partnership with the amazing group ESSEC Business Angels. The goal of Business Angels is to create a relationship between companies and investors, beyond financing. Click on their link:
Ratings War:
As the ratings war wages on, whether you read Les Echos, The Financial Times or the latest Le Point, whatever your opinion is, remember that the strength of any school is its alumni. We, together, are the strength of the school. Our connections, experiences, and opportunities make our organization invaluable.
One way to stay closer is to join our groups on Linkedin or Facebook, so you can meet and connect with other alumni in your area and welcome new ones.
– Join us on LinkedIn:
– Join us on Facebook:
Chapter Leaders:
Do not hesitate to contact your local chapter leaders:
– Chicago: Ludivine, [email protected]
– LA: Stanislas, [email protected]
– San Francisco : Tina, [email protected]
– Miami : Ovidiu, [email protected]
Francois-Olivier Luiggi