"Jazz and chocolate" tasting at the Setai 5th Ave, NYC with Michel RICHART and the Antonio CIACCA Quartet

Chocolats Richart and the Antonio Ciacca Quartet invite us to a musical chocolate tasting at the bar of the Setai Hotel on Octobre 25, 2011 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Please register at: http://richart.eventbrite.com/
The cost of the tasting will be $8 (to be paid at the bar of the Setai Hotel).
Please find more details about the event below:
“Chocolate and music are natural friends because they both bring us happiness. They always speak to our heart in a universal way, and give us emotions and joy of living.”
Back in May 2011, RICHART Chocolates, the French luxury chocolatier, partnered with the St Germain jazz festival in Paris to innovate and introduce a new kind of pairing: jazz and chocolates. The event was so successful that it could not remain an ephemeral experience.
Indeed, the same way gourmet chocolates or French macarons stimulate our senses, they also trigger emotions and memories. By sharing them with our friends during a tasting, we reach a successful tasting’s nirvana: the Overall Flavor. Jazz happens to work the same way. It often first touches our ears, intellect, then our heart, and we have to share this experience with others.
On October 25th, 2011, at the prestigious Setai 5th Avenue hotel, Michel RICHART will introduce five of his creations – one of them designed especially for the occasion – for the audience to taste. Each chocolate or French macaron you will taste will suggest very distinctive emotions: exoticism, seduction, vitality, calm… Along these emotions, the Antonio Ciacca Quartet will improvise on some themes especially composed for that memorable evening.
Come and share this unique pairing between sweet flavors and jazz tunes with us!
A family chocolate factory created in 1925 in Lyon, France, RICHART has been designing the finest chocolates and French macarons since then, to offer people more pleasure through better tasting.